Simple Church

•Thursday, October 23, 2008 • 4 Comments

There is a book called “Simple Church” that our staff read a while back and essentially it was about simplifying your programing and making the main thing the main thing. Great principle. I still wonder though, do we as the Church, still make things more complicated than they need to be.

Think about it, Jesus was about two things, loving God and loving people. He wasn’t about anything else. Now that’s simple church. Granted, it’s not easy church but it is very simple.

The distinction between simple and easy is important because if we begin to think that “Church” is easy, we’ll become complacent. Additionally, the very nature of living in this sinful world is not easy. There are lots of temptations, trials, and tribulations, however, the mission of God in this world is still nonetheless simple. Jesus broke it down to two things, love God and love people.

What would the Church look like today if that truly was what we were about?


Is The Church Being The Church

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Over the last couple weeks I’ve been mulling over some questions regarding the role of the Church, the effectiveness of the Church, the ministry philosophies of the Church ,etc. Here are some of the questions I’ve been toying with

1. Does the church, complicate the mission of the Church (big C)

2. Do we over think things when it comes to how we go about facilitating ministry?

3. What would it mean for a church to say, “we are so committed to serving that we are going to take a Sunday off from services each month to go out and serve our community?”

4. Isn’t ministry just about two things, loving God and loving others?

5. What is it that draws someone to church for the first time?

6. Are people drawn to church environments or Christians who practice what they preach?

These are just a few of the many questions I’ve been struggling through. What are your thoughts?

“Where Faith And Life Intersect”

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I just got done launching a blog for The Crossing. It’s going to be a place for ministry leaders to share what God has been doing in their hearts as a result of The Crossing, as well as for them to give thoughts or insights into the young adult culture. It’s going to be a fun site to keep up on.

Check it out…

Creating A Culture Of Social Involvement

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I am so excited about beginning to create/foster a culture of social involvement amongst The Crossing. It’s easy to take in God’s word. It’s another thing to practically live it out; especially in terms of being the hands and feet of Christ and reaching out into the community.

Tonight some of our core leaders are getting together and we’re going to talk about just that. What would it look like to have a ministry that is not a ministry of consumption, but production. A ministry that at it’s very core is about leaving a mark on the community and world at large. And not its mark, but God’s mark.

It is my hope that The Crossing will be defined as a young adult ministry, not because it’s ministry for young adults, but because it’s ministry BY young adults.

Lunch Buffet

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I really enjoy getting together for lunch with other people in ministry. It’s great to be able to share wins. It’s equally great to be able to talk about frustrations and areas were we have missed the mark. But the greatest thing of all is simply knowing that you are not alone *cue Michael Jackson.* Seriously. It’s great to know that there are people all over who are passionate about changing lives. People who are passionate about making a difference.

I met with my friend Kevin today for a Round Table lunch buffet (classy) and we just talked about ministry and life and it was encouraging. It was real.

I think we all need those “real” type conversations over an all you can eat buffet. Conversations with someone who you can relate to. It gives you a little boost.

I look forward to those talks.

What A Team

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Part of starting up a new ministry is developing a team that will lead. Over the course of the last several weeks that team has really started to take shape as we’ve begun to develop a core leadership team as well as a group of incredible small group leaders who are committed to taking small groups to the next level.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have a group of leaders who deep down inside have a true passion to see lives changed. It’s not just about being social or involved, it’s about making an impact, life change and relationships. Incredible stuff.


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When I was in high school I was an editor for our high school’s newspaper; an award winning newspaper nonetheless. It was an incredible experience that taught me the value of journalism, freedom of speech, ethics, journalistic responsibility, etc. That was in large part possible because the school district and school itself did not subject student publications to prior review; essentially school district imposed censorship.

Well now the Puyallup is looking to do just that, and not just with journalism, but really across the board when it comes to speech, drama, etc.

I was at my favorite coffee shop today and in walked a school board member who is also looking to be a state representative. I couldn’t help feeling angry towards him because of his stance and his involvement in censoring students journalists. Not a good thing, but that’s how I felt..