New Pillows

Monika and I went shopping today, not really for any thing in particular, but we ended up with a few great things. Most notable, two incredible pillows. I know it sounds lame, but oh are they nice.

I didn’t really understand just how badly I needed new pillows. Monika had told me my pillows were flat and less than lofty, but they seemed fine to me.

Well, we were at Nordstrom Rack and we happened upon some CK pillows. Normally not even something I’d consider. They’re pillows after all who cares what brand they are. I just need them to have some good fluff. Anyway, I started “squishing” them and before I knew it I had two new pillows.

Once we got home I compared them with my old drool stained pillows and oh my goodness, I was resting my head on stone tablets for the last six years.

Who knew new pillows could feel so good?!


~ by David on Saturday, August 9, 2008.

One Response to “New Pillows”

  1. Do you mean to tell me you hadn’t replaced your pillows in SIX YEARS???? Please tell me I misread that!

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