Now Is Not The Time To Get Sick

I think I’m in the midst of a battle for my health. As much as I would like to think it’s allergies, I think I’m getting a cold.


In some ways colds are worse than the flu because while you feel miserable you still can sort of function and as a result you have to go about your daily tasks. When you have the flu and are expelling your lunch, it’s pretty tough to go into work because you never know when you’re going to toss your cookies.

This is definitely not a good time for me to be getting sick, with normal ministry task, firework sales, kids camp, the STP ride, etc. 

In an attempt to battle this little bug, I’ve been taking a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and drinks containing both. Oh, I’m also using those zicam nose swabs.

I hope I can kick this thing before it gets too bad.

Any suggestions on what works well to get rid of a cold? 


~ by David on Thursday, June 26, 2008.

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