Farmer Wants A Wife

There are some stupid shows on TV these days, ie. “Farmer Wants A Wife.” Granted this show is very similar to the bachelor but the idea of trying to get a city girl to transform into a country wife is pretty ridiculous. That’s not to say that can’t happen, hasn’t happened or won’t ever happen, but to force it on a TV show, in addition to forcing the ultimate issue of love… ridiculous.


~ by David on Wednesday, June 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Farmer Wants A Wife”

  1. It is only your opinion that it was stupi. I LOVED it and think it was fun and refreshing. Then to have it end with him picking Brooke was fantastic. They both seem to be so wholesome, sweet, genuine and Christians to boot. I know those qualities are often not popular in our society, but I’m glad to see that Matt and Brooke are not afraid of standing strong! I love them and the show! Who knows if they will get married. I do know they both prayed about it and that the Lord does work in mysterious ways!

  2. It is definitely only my opinion. I do wonder however if dating around like that, kissing all of those girls at the same time, etc. is a good example of Chritian “dating” if you will.

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