Jack, Jeff and Lorenzo


I went with my wife to her cousin’s high school graduation this evening and I have to admit, I am not a graduation ceremony fan. Actually there are two important life events that I just really don’t look forward to going to, weddings and graduations.

They are just too long, oftentimes poorly done, and there is an abundance of awkward small talk. With that being said, I went tonight.

Robin my wife’s cousin graduated from Bellevue Christian High School a pretty high end private school in the Puget Sound area and while the ceremony itself was boring as all get out. I found myself trying to figure out if kids were related to famous people, because of the ritsy nature of the school.

In the end I found two kids (there may have been more) who were related to famous people.

The first was the son of Jeff Kemp, former NFL Quarterback and grandson of Jack Kemp former Presidental and Vice Presidental candidate. Both Jack and Jeff were in the audience.

The second was the daughter of Lorenzo Romar, coach of the University of Washington mens’ basketball team. He too was in the audience with his family.

I thought that was pretty cool.

I wanted to go up and talked to all three guys but I’m sure they have people coming up to them all the time and I didn’t want to be “that guy” at such a special occasion.

However, I was incredibly intrigued thinking about the lives each of them have lived. They each have met important people in their respective fields (Jack has met and worked for or with Presidents for crying out loud).

I wonder what it would be like to be famous? For whatever reason I have some sort of desire to be famous. I don’t know what I want to be famous for, but there is something so intriguing to me about living the life of a celebrity. I’m definitely not in the line of work to become famous and maybe that’s why being famous is so captivating to me.

To think that Jack, Jeff and Lorenzo have all made lots of money, met influential people and have impacted the lives of a lot of people. There is something desirable about that.

Anyway, just being real. I think most of us have some desire to at least for a day, see what it’s like to be famous.

If you could be famous for a day, what would you want to be famous for?


~ by David on Thursday, June 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Jack, Jeff and Lorenzo”

  1. yeah…it was pretty boring 🙂 i could have introduced you to jeff kemp. i went to school with his son for 15 years, so i know the kemps…and they are the nicest people. i’m sure if you did some more research into BCS students, you would find many more children of famous people…edgar martinez, john olerud, a couple seahawks, some former sonics…

  2. Hey Megan,

    It’s nice to see you checking in on the ol’blog. If i had known, I might have taken you up on that.

    It was kind of funny sitting there listening to the names trying to figure out if they were sons or daughters of “famous” people.

    On another note, you, Aaron, Monika and I need to get together for another game of Settlers.

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