Power Surge

For the last two days I have been down in San Jose, California at a children’s  ministry conference for the Assemblies of God Northern California and Nevada District. The conference was entitled “Powersurge” and was a great opportunity to connect with other children’s leaders from west coast.

I went with Kevin Geer from the Northwest Ministry Network. He was the speaker and invited me to go speak with him.

I really enjoyed being able to network with some other great ministry leaders (even if many of them are Oakland Raider fans) haha.

While Kevin did the bulk of the speaking, I was given the opportunity to speak on personal goal setting and how to engage parents as the spiritual leaders of their families; fun topics that I believe are so important.

Hopefully the material that was presented by both Kevin and myself will be a benefit and help bring kids in Northern California closer to God.



~ by David on Saturday, June 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Power Surge”

  1. It was fun having you guys.

  2. We enjoyed having you and Kevin! I got some great feedback from people on your brief presentations. 🙂 You’re welcome in the Nor Cal/Nevada District anytime!

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