Creating A Buzz

I think at some point in ministry you have to stop, take a step back and look for new ways to create a buzz around what you’re doing. Whether it’s that you’re no longer in touch with what people want, or it’s just simply time to raise the stakes, it’s important to find to ways to create hype and excitement.

I’ve been pondering this questions lately, “how do I create a new buzz around what we’re doing in children’s ministry?” More specifically, I’ve been wondering how we can incorporate technology into our ministry.

Kids are so in tune with technology and the society that they are growing up in revolves around the latest and greatest technologies. So, what can I do to incorporate some of these elements into ministry on a regular basis?

We currently use the standard, music and lights. We have automated check in. But what are some cutting edge elements that we can incorporate to create a new level of excitement?

Any Thoughts?



~ by David on Monday, June 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Creating A Buzz”

  1. I think you are getting away from the basics. It is the written word that is sacred. And the standard music is traditionally used as a vehicle to express thanks and praise. Sounds to be like you want to incorporate the artifical into what this generation may be coming to you in a sense of restless to escape. My favorite Psalm is the one that begins: BE STILL. AND KNOW THAT I AM LORD.

  2. What I am really looking for are ways to draw in kids who might not normally come to church because they either had a bad experience previously. Or, they aren’t sure what church is all about. I am looking for ways to create and “irresistable environment” in which kids can encounter God through his word, song, prayer, etc.

    I also want to make sure that the kids who have been attending for years, feel as though we are staying relevant with the way we communicate God’s truths.

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