A Day With Salish Fireworks

Starting at 6am this morning some of our Family Life team and I went up to Anacortes, WA to decide on what fireworks we are going to sell at our two firework stands this year.

New Life has used firework sales as a fundraiser for years, but this is the first year we are operating independently from TNT and Phantom Fireworks.

We have decided to buy wholesale so that we can retain a greater profit than the 20% we typically recieved from mosts of our stands in years past.

While this may seem like a fun task, it is stressful.

How many cases should we order? What should we sell them for? Will we have a lot left over?

Those were just a few of the many questions we asked ourselves over the course of the 12 hours we spent dealing with the task.

All in all I think we will be in good shape and will have a great opportunity to help mean our budgetary needs.

Let’s just pray we can move the vast majority of our product.


~ by David on Wednesday, June 4, 2008.

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