Goodbye Bob

I found out tonight that Bob my next door neighbor is moving and two young women are moving in.

That makes me nervous.

I live in a great little cul-de-sac and have some awesome neighbors, of which Bob is one.

We all have our little houses, people engage in conversation in each others’ driveways and there is a 4th of July fireworks display.

While Bob isn’t necessarily the most together person (he’s just gone through a divorce, work is slow, money is tight and he’s just simply trying to get back on his feet) he is a nice guy and I will miss him.

When we moved in, Monika’s dad told her to be careful around Bob because he’s a rough and tough construction worker who has a little bit of a foul mouth. But ultimately he’s just a great guy going through a hard time.

Now, Bob is moving and new neighbors are entering Pleasantville.

That makes me anxious in probably the same way we made the rest of the neighbors feel anxious when we moved in just over a year ago.

I wish you the best Bob and I welcome you two young women to the neighborhood…please be good neighbors.



~ by David on Thursday, May 29, 2008.

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