Ten Initial Cruise Reflections

1. Cruises are not as all inclusive as you might think.

2. Despite the size of a cruise ship, you still can feel a considerable amount of movement.

3. You may be able to eat as much as you’d like on a cruise, but just because you can eat a lot of food, even expensive food, doesn’t mean it’s going to taste amazing.

4. Booze. Cruise ships and a huge percentage of their passengers are loaded with booze.

5. You have the opportunity to meet some funny people.

6. You find incredible animals made of out towels when you return to your cabin after a long day in the sun.

7. * It’s not always sunny on a cruise.

8. Make sure you bring “formal” clothes for dinner.

9. Cruise ships are like old Vegas, with gaudy decorations.

10. Cruises are fun, but not quite as much fun as I was lead to believe (I’ll fill you in later)


~ by David on Friday, May 23, 2008.

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