Spinning Nazi

Sienfeld had the “Soup Nazi” and 24hr. Fitness in Kent, WA has the “Spinning Nazi.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with “spinning” it is essentially a crazy intense indoor cycling class. Well, I normally go on Monday to Kellie’s class. This class is challenging, it’s engaging and most of all it’s fun.

I decided however that I need to step up the number of nights a week that I spin from one to two or three nights to add in my training for the STP. So, tonight I went to Greg’s class. Going into tonight I knew it was going to be intense. Greg is a little short guy who yells, he gets in your face, he tells you how disappointed he is in you, he calls you out as a quitter, essentially he is a drill instructor or  as I affectionately call him, “The Spinning Nazi.”

Now, I do have to give Greg props, in addition to the way he berates you, he does encourage and build you back up; but only after shredding your leg muscles. It is a challenge, but one that will no doubt make you a better rider.

Tonight we rode for a little over an hour, but 54 minutes of that time was a hill climb. Hopefully I’ll be able to walk tomorrow.


~ by David on Thursday, May 8, 2008.

One Response to “Spinning Nazi”

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