Simple Service


I’m in the process of creating a serving challenge for our children’s ministry. The idea behind it is that kids will be able to pick up a “challenge card” at various locations around our facility and on each card is a challenge for them to take part in that week. It could be as simple as helping their parents with the dishes or as challenging as sharing a favorite possession with someone they don’t get along with.

Ultimately the whole point of this is to get kids serving and if we are going to create a culture of serving it has to start with kids. Once a kid has completed a challenge they will report back on how the experience was and we will post the experiences, online, in our facility and we will also share them from the stage.

This idea came from Rock Harbor in CA (what an incredible church). They use this sort of service challenge or as they call it “dare” for their adults. But I believe this is an incredible way mobilize kids to serve.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

How does your church get kids serving?


~ by David on Wednesday, May 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “Simple Service”

  1. challenge cards.


    i might borrow this one for my fifth and sixth graders!

  2. One of the guys in my church linked to Creative Chaos already with this idea (yours with the cards, but for everyone). But we just finished a missions series called Fluid in which we had cards out for all of our members to take. They had simple things for people to do from buying fast food cards for local ministries to handing out water at the local parks, to making cookies for the firemen, to coming up with your own project. It trickled down to the kids as well. We are in a push right now to do a better job of creating an environment of servers and people on mission. You can only spoon feed with cards for so long, but it is a good way to create the atmosphere of service and to teach people.

    If we could hook the kids, like you said, then we would have a generation of servers.

  3. I love it. That’s awesome. What was the Chaos post from your church? I’d love to read it and flesh this idea out further and any thoughts or insights would be great.

    I agree that you can only “spoon feed” for so long but if we can get them thinking with a servant mindest, that would be incredible!

    On a similar note we just started a series called “no strings attatched” and challenged people to do this sort of thing. As a visual we passed out zip-ties and encouraged people to cut those ties as they did an act of service. Just thought I’d pass along that visual.

  4. Love the challenge…nothing like a little healthy competition.

  5. It will be a lot of fun. My hope is that it won’t become too much of a competition amongst the kids, but rather a personal challenge to engage in acts of service.

    We’ll see how it goes.

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