A Weekend For The Dog

I’m a big fan of landscaping and yard work. For me there is just something incredibly satisfying about improving the appearance of your house.

This weekend, my project is a dog run/kennel. My dog Cooper is an amazing dog but last summer he did a number on our backyard and as a result, I’m having to redo a lot of the work I did last summer. So, I’m hoping that being able to lock him in a specific area for those hours when Monika and I are at work will minimize the yard trama.

I’m still debating how big to make it so I’m going to have to do some shopping around tomorrow for the specific kennel as well as the pavers that will make up the floor of the kennel.

I need to be able to pick up all of the materials tomorrow because my dad is coming up on Saturday to help install the whole thing.

Not the most exciting weekend, but in the end it will be a great addition.


~ by David on Thursday, May 1, 2008.

One Response to “A Weekend For The Dog”

  1. I have three Chihuahuas, so they don’t tear up the yard. But I do have a gopher that does. Can you come over my house and make a run for the gopher? 🙂

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