The Second Coming Of Hanson

Hanson was bad. Really Bad!

So are the Jonas Brothers.

Any Relation?

(Please note, that this post is filed under the catagory “music,” but in this case I use the term music loosely)

Do you agree or disagree. Leave a comment and let me know.


~ by David on Thursday, April 24, 2008.

27 Responses to “The Second Coming Of Hanson”

  1. I agree with you on the Jonas Brothers. Hanson’s recent music is good, though. Really good. And if you haven’t heard it, you can’t dispute what I say.

    And to conclude: there’s no relation between the Jonas Brothers and Hanson. The Jonas Brothers are a Disney band through and through. Hanson left their label to gain creative control, lead their audiences on one mile barefoot walks before each show to raise awareness of poverty, and host an annual songwriters workshop in their studios which has been attended by many famous and non-famous songwriters.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Sylvia. Hanson is a great band and their music is fun and inspirational even from when they were little kids. You have to really listen to the music before you can make any snap judgements. Go to a show, take the walk, I promise you it’s a really fun time and they will blow you away!

  3. The thing is I have heard Hanson. I haven’t gone on the walk but I’ve heard multiple songs and at least their early stuff isn’t good. I hope that they have gotten better, for their sake and the sake of those who listen to them.

  4. I think the Jonas brothers rock!! A billion times more than Hanson!! I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!! and so should you!!

  5. dear brothers,
    i enjoy the music that you play. keep it going. you guys are the hottest boy band that we silent to. you guys got it gonig on. so hold on. Kevin i like it when your hair is straight. Nick stay cute. Joe you rock and you are the sexiest one of the goup, don’t change.( all of you)

  6. JB you rock more. lol. i’ve heard hanson’s earlier music and yours is million times better.
    poppin lock, battle dance, against hanson.

    you guys won’t lose and the girls definitely won’t be laughing. i envy you guys though. all the girls. man.

  7. I think the jonas brothers are realy cute

  8. Here’s the thing I have never been able to understand. This comparisson between Hanson and The Jonas Brothers. First of all, The Jonas Brothers are a Disney “band”. That says enough. Disney manufactures pop music. They tell their artists what to write, how to look and what to say in interviews. Their artists have no control creatively or otherwise over their careers as all they are is another way for Disney to make money. Its kind of sad because those three brothers can actually sing. Too bad they’ve slipped into the unoriginal cookie-cutter category of crap pop music.

    Hanson… Hanson has been working together as a band from the time they were six, eight and eleven. They sang professionally around their hometown of Tulsa before they were discovered at the South By Southwest Music conference and were then signed by Mercury Records who capitolized on their cute looks. They recorded a pop album which included a lot of mediocre songs (most of which I’m not a fan of) that were heard at nausium by the world for a few years back in the 90’s. However- the difference between Hanson and the Jonas Brothers is the fact that Hanson broke away from all of that crap and fought for a place in music that was their own. They now own their own Indie label- 3CG Records, they released an independant album in 2003 that went to number one on its first week in the billboard charts, they played Carnegie Hall, and have had numerous other successes. Not to mention, the three of them have worked with incredibly talented people such as Gus Van Sant, Carole King, Mark Hudson, Desmond Child, Phantom Planet, Greg Wells, Michelle Branch, Nikki Sixx and many many others, and have worked hard for respect within the industry. They dont care about “image”, they don’t care if they’re popular, what they care about is making music, and do so with much more integrity than the Jonas Brothers.


  10. I love your music Jonas brothers and Nick your awsome and hottttttttttt! love you guys!please reply!

  11. i d k but i looove jb
    Joe is soooo FINE

  12. jonas brothers totally beat hanson. jb has great music and personalities. they seem to be fun to hang out with.

  13. Hi! I will Jonas Brothers come to Vetlanda in (Sweden). They are so good to sing and play guitar. I wonder if Jonas Brothers can send a mail to me? Beacuse I love Jonas Brothers so much!!!! I have hear your new song “Burning Up” ! It so good , I love that song <333 I have one more thing to say, Nick you are so cute !!!<33 I LOVE YOU NICK !!! Have you at my backround on my mobilephone. I gonna be happy if Jonas Brothers can send a mail to me really happy !!! Many Kisses Isabelle.

  14. hahaha I love the comments that people left here. Everyone’s arguments for Hanson are intelligent and are about their newer music and accomplishments (and I must say, Hanson is actually pretty good now, especially live). But the arguments for the Jonas Brothers just consist of “OMG THEY’RE SO HOT! OMG!!!” I think maybe you can judge just by reading these comments, lmao.

  15. The main reason for the difference in replies between Hanson fans and Jonas Bros. fans is the age gap. Hanson fans are in their 20’s and have learned how to speak and reason like adults. Jonas Bros. fans are 11 years old so you can’t really blame them for the inane things they’ve posted here. They’ll grow up eventually. I recall Hanson fans posting similar garbage online ten years ago. (And yes, I admit to being one of the Hanson fans.)

  16. i disagree, hanson is great. the jonas brothers can’t even compare. you really need to check out hanson’s new stuff…but then again, how many of you people give them that chance????

  17. Im 15 And I LOVE Hanson’s Music…Its So Real And Jb’s Music Is So Fake..I Dunno If That Makes Any Sence Lol…….Ok Wat I Ment Is Hanson Dont Have To Fake Being Awsome Singers/Songwriters/Musicans…Where’s Jb Try So Hard 2 Look Cool Its Sicking..Hanson Rule

  18. I have been a Hanson for for 12 years. I think you need to be open minded and listen to their newest cd – the Walk. Be aware of their humanitarian work and what their music MEANS! they are not one of those scream bands who sing about suicide killing people os sick stuff like that. its also not fluffy shit like the J.B. or Avril Lavigne. Don’t be so naive and BUCK UP! You shouldn’t use words like “suck” to describe something you don’t even KNOW about, okay? Seriously, grow up.

  19. LOL. I do know what Hanson sounds like. I’ve heard them and their new stuff may be better than their old stuff, but when hanson began, they were writing “fluffy” songs like “mmm bop.” I also never used the word “suck” in my post.

  20. i like both Hanson and Jonas Brothers. sue me. i don’t care. (:

  21. hello! 🙂
    I am a girl from Sweden, and i’m love in you guys! 😀
    Every girls in my class like you.You are so hoooooootttttt :)<3

  22. hello jonas como han stasdo he
    soy su enamorada andrea

  23. Sweety, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Jonas brothers maybe be “OMG Hot” and they may be good performers, but their skill and talent is nowhere near that of the Hanson brothers. Hanson wrote MmmBop on their own and it made them a TON of money and it was infectious and ALL OVER the radio–that is what pop music is about. Pop music has never claimed to be about substance–ever–don’t kid yourself. MmmBop was highly successful, and certainly nothing to bat an eyelash at. Since then they’ve grown and proven themselves to be substantial, serious, talented artists beyond the pop music they made as little boys. They are what the Jonas Brothers strive to be and what Disney holds them back from becoming.

    Now, continue on burying your little head in the sand, if you wish.

  24. i don’t care who’s the best band between them.. their goal is give people their music, let their audiences enjoy the music they’re making… yeah i’ve been a loyal Hanson fan for almost 11 years i think… since i’ve heard them singing in the radio when i was 7.. and the Jonas Brothers… i’ve just heard them a year ago.. but they are also cool.. they remind me of Hanson.. Anyway, Hanson is still Hanson and Jonas Brothers are still Jonas Brothers… they shine at their own right, so please stop comparing them..

  25. hanson still rocks… i’m a loyal fan for almost 9 years since i’ve heard them singing on the radio when i was 7… maybe the reason why i’m also crazy over the jonas brothers is that they remind me of the hanson brothers… anyway… both bands shine in their own right so i don’t want anymore comparison… hope the jonas brothers and the hanson willl visit me here in the philippines

  26. yeah… i’ve just repeated it… anyway, correction please… i’m a hanson fan for 9 not 11 years…. hehehe….

  27. i think that averyone is allowed to have their own opinions and i really find the two bands too different to compare, the onlt thing is that they are both successfull and brothers so….anyway i think jb songs and their “style” are too manufactured and if you want to keep your hearing you probably shouldn’t listen to their live performance ’cause they have no real voice ,kevin does not sing and joe needs some singing classes,the only one who saves a bit is nick,but the show all together it’s only good for the fans who don’t care about music, just their “cuteness”, and that’s my opinion…and for the rocord hanson’s sound is growing throughout the yeras just like them so they definitly don’t sound bad, and are really talented and criative.

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