Using Technology To Stimulate Dialogue

It’s interesting how challenging it can be to get people to buy into new technologies. I have been using my blog over the last couple months to not only journal my thoughts, but also create a place where parents and leaders can come and recieve insight into who I am as a leader and more generally speaking, a person. I have also used this site to provide resources on parenting and leading.

The thing that I have been finding is that it’s much more challenging to get people to buy into new forms of technology (specifically blogging) than I thought.

For whatever reason the dialogue hasn’t begun like I had hoped it would. I don’t like admitting that, but that is reality. It honestly is disappointing because I believe having a space to share thoughts and insights into life and ministry is valuable. I believe leaders and parents alike could benefit from having a place where they can recieve knowledge and share with each other the knowledge they already have.

I definitely will continue to platform this means of communication and I hope that in the weeks to come there will be an out pouring of people who have decided to give communication via blog comments a try.

Here’s to open dialogue and the advancement of technology!


~ by David on Tuesday, April 15, 2008.

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