If You Could…

If you could give 1Million dollars to any charity, what charity would it be?


~ by David on Sunday, April 13, 2008.

One Response to “If You Could…”

  1. I would create a charity called “everyone should skate”. then donate the 1 Mil. to get it going. My son Drew would be the President of the charity and I’d help him run it. Our goal would be to design skate board decks, get skate pro’s to skate with them, and sell them. This would help us sustain the charity financially. Then, for every board sold…we would donate a completed deck/pads/& helmet to a kid in need & to kids in other countries. We would partner with helmet & pad manufacturers to donate the pads & helmets. Then, we would go one step further. We’d partner with some local construction companies in other countries and pay to have a skate park built. bring in pro-skaters to skate at the park, and give every kid a new skate board/pads/& helmet. We would help equip local stores/shops/churches & community centers to continue supplying boards/pads/& helmets for skaters. We’d likely partner with boarders for christ and then share our story with kids as they skate. Then, every community that we visit has a brand new skate park, lots of kids with new equipment to skate with, & the life changing message of Christ in their heart.

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