An Afternoon At “The Safe”

I love people’s generosity.

Today before our second service a father and daughter came up to me and asked what I was doing this afternoon. Not having any plans until this evening I told them “nothing.” Good thing. They proceeded to give me two third baseline box seat tickets to the Mariners game today. My wife Monika and I went.

I love baseball. I always have. In a lot of ways it is my first love when it comes to sports.

In 1990 I started collecting baseball cards, Topps, Donrus, Fleer, Score, Bowman; I collected them all. I started collecting on the tail end of bubble gum wax packs. I collected during Ken Griffey Jr.’s prime (thus I have dozens of his cards), I bought Beckett Baseball Card Monthly magazines when Michael Jordan was on the cover because of his stint in baseball.

I have loved the sport for years. I have spent hundreds of hours sorting baseball cards, playing baseball and imagining myself hitting a walk off home run in the world series.

So going to Safeco Field is truly a treat.

We managed to find $6.00 parking instead of $25 in the stadium garage so we could splurge on overpriced food. It was a great afternoon despite the loss.

There is nothing like an afternoon at “The Safe.”


~ by David on Sunday, April 13, 2008.

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