Trying To Keep My Eyes Open

I have to keep this brief tonight. My body is tired, my mind is tired and if I’m not quick I’ll probably fall asleep writing this post.

Well today has been an incredible spring day, with sunshine, 75 degree temps. a 31 mile  bike ride, and a bunch of yard work. Not to mention a gut busting BBQ ranch chicken salad at The Cheesecake Factory with Monika, and my sister and brother-in-laws.

There were six of us on our ride this morning and it was the longest ride of the season. Beautiful ride. We went down south to the “Supermall” and back to our starting location by Home Depot. Hopefully, we’ll have some nice weather again next weekend for a ride.

When we got home, Monika and I worked in the yard, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, planting plants and transplanting a rhododendron literally 2 feet to the left of its original location.

I know it sounds crazy but it had to be done. It was under another large bush and I needed it to fill in a whole in the flowerbed. Let’s pray it lives after I hacked at its roots.

…More tomorrow when I’m less tired and more sore.


~ by David on Saturday, April 12, 2008.

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