Move Over Eden

I don’t know too many 24 year old guys who are into yard work. A lot of them would rather cruise for chicks, play xbox, drink beer. I on the other hand am unusually fond of landscaping. I also am a homeowner and have some responsibility to my wife and to my neighbors to keep my yard looking nice.

Today I took the first major step in the 2008 landscaping campaign.

I bought foliage.

I love going to nurseries and looking at all of the plants. It allows me to day dream of manicured lawns and precisely pruned gardens.

While my yard it’s exactly where I want it, we’re making progress and the 20+ plants that I bought are a start.

Move over Eden, there’s a new garden in town…or at least a wannabe garden.


~ by David on Friday, April 11, 2008.

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