Where I Stumble Upon Creativity


I have this thing for blending contemporary elements with those of the past. I love vintage. I love modern. I love sitting in a coffee shop with a large richly stained counter, overstuffed leather couches and a fireplace all the while blogging on my laptop via a wi-fi connection and syncing my smart phone to my outlook account.

For me this takes place at Forza Coffee in Puyallup (Pew-wall-up). It is the perfect blend of old town charm with its location in a newly constructed commercial/residential building across the street from a park that houses the local farmers market in the summer.

This shop is 30 minutes from my house but I often make Friday, Forza Friday. It’s my day to regroup. Recharge. Reflect on life. Life happens over coffee and it’s during these times that I stumble upon creativity.



~ by David on Wednesday, April 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Where I Stumble Upon Creativity”

  1. so awesome. i was in town for a wedding in january and had a couple hours to kill and went to forza. I think I sat in the exact same seat the picture was taken from. right next to the window near the main entrance. great coffee shop.

  2. It probably was the same spot! Great coffee shop. My buddy Bryan and his family own it and are opening a couple more up later this year.

  3. I wish I was there right now.

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