An Influencer Of Lives

I’m pumped. Like, really pumped. I just had a conversation this morning with a woman I work with and she would like me to be her son’s life coach. Now there are two kids that I will be coaching. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot and it’s definitiely not as many as I hope to have one day, but that’s two more than I had two weeks ago.

Moreover, with a fulltime ministry I can’t really have dozens of kids to coach at this particular point in time. This however is a great start.

I just have this desire inside of me to be the type of person that young people can look up to. I by all means don’t have it all together. I have SO much room for growth, but would like to think that I can be a positive influence. A role model. 

All too often people are afraid of that term. You hear athletes who say that they don’t wan to be role models. But in my mind there is something incredible about having someone look up to you.  To have someone who wants to learn from you.

I hope that I can be the type of person, role model and coach that when these kids have kids of their own they can look back on their childhood and say that I possitively influenced their life.

I want to be an influencer of lives.


~ by David on Monday, April 7, 2008.

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