Why Does It Always Have To Be In His Time?

I went to visit my grandma today. She’s in a nursing home with some sort of respratory condition and the doctors don’t believe she has a great deal of time left. However she’s awfully strong and some days it seems as though she has a good deal of time left here on earth.

This creates a difficult situation because she is unable to take care of herself, yet she may very well have several years of life left. No one really seems to know.

When I saw her today she was voicing her frustration with being in the nursing home and how she can’t see herself walking the halls of that place for “ten more years.” It was such a distressing thought that she began to cry. My dad pointed out that if it’s not her time to go there must still be something for her to do here on earth and that might very well be to love on some of the residents of the nursing home who are worse off than she is.

She agreed, but half jokingly said, “why does it always have to be in His time?” It’s a good question. Ultimately we know that it has to be in His time because he is the creator of the universe. But at the same time, why can’t she go home now? She’s ready to. She said so today.

I hope that I get to go home before I reach that stage of life. I can’t imagine being in a place that smells of decay. A place where people sit with glazed eyes, waiting for the the day when they get to go home.

I pray that as my grandma Miles spends her time in this facility you will fill her her heart with joy and her days with meaning.


~ by David on Friday, April 4, 2008.

One Response to “Why Does It Always Have To Be In His Time?”

  1. Nice blog David. Your honesty is refreshing.

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