High Energy Intro Video

My addition to ragamuffinsoul.com’s “Creative Chaos”

As Children’s Pastor my team and I are obviously always looking for ways to engage our kids in worship. One thing that we’ve found is that is takes a few minutes to focus their attention on worship after talking with their friends and playing games prior to service starting.

To help focus their attention more quickly and to make the transition from pre-service activities to worship smoother we have created a high energy intro video. This video starts about 4 minutes before service begins and when the kids see and hear the video they know it’s time to wrap up what their doing.

This video uses a and upbeat song called “get this party started” that is off of the cd The Big Story by the rethink group. Our kids worship team got together during one of our practices and did some filming, both on our stage and in front of a green screen so we could edit in some fun background settings.

Now we start our services with that video and the worship team doing the motions live before we get into our actual worship sets.

 It has definitely helped create an awesome vibe and a smoother transition into worship.


~ by David on Thursday, April 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “High Energy Intro Video”

  1. do share. can you post the video?

  2. It’s in the process of being re-edited but as soon as it’s done i’ll get it on here.

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