The Costco Lifestyle

Let me preface this post by saying that if you have never been to Costco you need to.

Costco is the most wonderful store. Part of that is probably because you can by ridiculously large containers of mayo, shampoo, ketchup, etc. It’s also probably because you can buy tires, paint, birthday cakes, dress pants, furniture, contact lenses, big screen TVs, etc., etc., etc., all in one place. Oh and perhaps the greatest things about Costco are the $1.50 hotdog and drink specials and their abundance of samples. Yes, you can feast upon Asian cuisine, cereal, energy drinks and the like, all in bite size portions.

Whatever it is, there is something great about Costco and and as my family grows and I add kids to the ranks, we will definitely be a Costco family.

Saturday afternoon we will all load up in the car and head to Costco for $1.50 hotdog meals before venturing into the eclectic, bulk packaged greatness that is Costco. We will buy our groceries for the next month and peruse the aisle of housewares, home improvement supplies and electronics. When we’re exhausted from navigating the crowds and we can’t possibly stomach another sample we will hop back in the car with our purchases boxed up in Costco’s garbage (instead of bags they use the boxes that their products came in, Brilliant.) and head home to unpack our load in our second freezer and pantry because there is no room in the main freezer or kitchen cabinets for everything we bought in bulk.

It will be great…I love Costco.


~ by David on Friday, March 28, 2008.

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