The Doors

My Contribution to’s “Creative Chaos”

As I mentioned last week we started a series at New Life called “Doors” Essentially it’s about how we all have doors in our lives. Some doors we need to close, some we need to open and ultimately we need to decide what thresholds we are going to cross; especially when it is God knocking on our door.

To help deck out our Sanctuary we literally hung doors all over the place. There were doors on the stage and doors hanging from the side walls. The beauty in this lies not just in the fact that we are conveying the name of the series visually or the fact that it provides a good reminder that we all have doors in our lives. While those are possibly the two most important reasons for doing it, there is also a certain value that is conveyed to those who attend. By doing something out of the ordinary, something that definitely took some time and effort it conveys that we are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure people are engaged and catching the message being taught.

There was absolutely a “wow” factor last week when people walked in and saw all of those doors on the walls and as a result those people are talking about the series, inviting their friends to come check it out and they are being reminded of the message.

Anything we can do to show that we value the people that walk through our doors is important.


~ by David on Thursday, March 27, 2008.

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