The Moses Experiment: Part 6

My small group tonight discussed worship and how when Moses would go to the “tent of meeting” everyone in the camp would stop what they were doing and watch to see the pillar of clouds come down. When they saw that they knew Moses was meeting with God and they too would worship.

After exploring this story and the significance of worship and personal encounters with God we talked about how each of us no matter how spiritual go through dry spells where it feels like God couldn’t be further away.

It’s during those times that we want to abandon our faith because it feels like God has abandoned us. Yet it’s during those times that we need to seek God even more. We need to worship and pray. We need to get together with other people who can speak into our lives biblical truths. We need to intentionally choose to follow him even if we can’t “feel” him in our lives.

A relationship with God is ironically a lot like love (go figure, since God IS love). It’s a choice not a feeling and during those times when we don’t “feel” anything we need to work at maintaining our loyalty to Him. One of the best ways to do that is to worship. It’s not always easy, but reflecting on those times when we did “feel” God can help us get through the spiritual droughts. It’s as if they are a reservoir of God’s goodness that can be tapped in order to sustain us until we feel reconnected.

God is good…all the time and he deserves our praise; even when we don’t feel like it.


~ by David on Thursday, March 13, 2008.

One Response to “The Moses Experiment: Part 6”

  1. Well said. I know I must worship the most when I feel like it the least. j

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