Daylight Savings Creates Havoc

We Survived!

It’s amazing what problems a simple time change can cause, but today it created havoc in our k-2nd grade ranks (at least I’m assuming it was daylight savings). When the time came to divide up our small groups at our 10:30 service I came to find out that only ONE of our k-2nd grade small group leaders showed up! Not Good.

Fortunately we were able to gather enough people from around the ministry to fill in but it was a bad thing and it definitely put me to the test.

It’s funny how much of a team sport ministry is, but ministry is built upon teams and without them, life is SO much harder.

All I can say is that Daylight savings time, it s bad bad thing when it comes to getting your team to church!

Can’t we just be likeĀ Arizona and change timezones…?


~ by David on Sunday, March 9, 2008.

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