Continuing the Willow Creek Conversation

I posted a link to an interesting article the other day about Willow Creek Community Church’s “Confession.” If you haven’t read it, read it (it’s posted under ministry and is called “Willow Creek ‘Confession'”. If you have read it, you should read this editorial from Christianity Today. Both articles spark great discussion as to the role of church in today’s society.

Here is a link to the article, go check it out and if you have thoughts or insight comment on this posting so that we can start a dialogue.


~ by David on Thursday, March 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Continuing the Willow Creek Conversation”

  1. This is interesting because I think there does need to be a good balance between reaching out to those who don’t know Jesus and also satisfy something in us who already do. I admire Willow for recognizing that need and changing the way they do church to try to fill it. I also think it’s great that they’re learning from what they’re doing and making changes as they go.

    When thinking outside the box and changing the way things are done, I think it’s common to see the pendulum swing too far to the other side before finding that good balance. Maybe that’s what we’re seeing here with Willow. They might have to come back a little more to the center and reach the more mature Christians at this point. I wonder what ideas they have to do that.

    I think they’ve got good people running the show who have great, intuitive ideas and will find a direction that will satisfy more people. I wonder what we’ll see.

  2. One of the questions this whole Willow thing raises in my mind and it’s something I struggle with as I am planning events and such is, “can a single congregation or ministry be everything to everyone.” In addition to that, if a congregation tries to be everything to everyone, do they run the risk of in a sense not being anything to anyone. Another way of saying that would be do they end up spreading themselves too thin so that they ultimately don’t do anything as well as they could.

    I think it’s such an interesting struggle and one that I think is becoming more and more talked about.

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