Reconnecting With Old Friends

Facebook and myspace are pretty amazing networking tools, but over the last few years I have lost touch with some great friends despite sites such as the fore mentioned. Yet, today to my pleasant surprise an old friend from high school contacted me. The funny thing is she’s actually the twin sister of my ex-girl friend. Nonetheless, it was great to hear from her. She comes from a great family (my ex-girl friend included) and we spent a lot of great times together.

Now all of the siblings are married and having kids and it’s fun to catch up on how life has taken us down different paths.

It’s also kind of sad really that I’ve lost touch with so many people who played such important roles in my life. It hasn’t been on purpose or because I stopped caring about them. It hasn’t been because of falling outs or arguments. Rather it’s been a result of life. Plain and simple, life has taken us in different directions. My hope however is that perhaps this contact can be the first in a string of many, reconnecting myself to past relationships.

Thanks for saying hi Sabrina.


~ by David on Saturday, March 1, 2008.

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