After I went to the gym this morning I proceed to the grocery store on a mission. A produce mission. I’m not typically the type to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. I do like them, fruits especially, but I find that I am most commonly drawn to carbs. I love pasta and bread, crackers, chips etc. However I am becoming increasingly aware of my need to change up my diet.

I’m fortunate at this point in my life because my metabolism is still running at full steam. However, while I’m not packing on the pounds I understand the significance of a balanced diet. For that reason I am on a produce mission. Incorportate fruits and veggies and moderate my diet in general.

 It’s funny, Greg Wingard the life coach I mentioned a couple post ago came with a big bag of veggies that he munched between sessions. Strangely enough I was envious of his carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. Not because I struggle with my weight or I am over indulging in horrible foods, but because  there is something strong about being able to control your diet. To be able to avoid the extra piece of pie or the extra handful of chips. I’m definitely not in control of my diet yet, but today’s produce mission is a start.

I’m not all about completely cutting things out of my diet but I am going to start taking steps to managing what I put in my body.


~ by David on Friday, February 29, 2008.

One Response to “Produce”

  1. Congrats on your new produce mission to eat healthier! I work in a produce department and I think I could help you out with your goal. It’s important to know how to pick out the best quality of produce when you are shopping and that is what my internet TV show is all about. Also it’s important to pick things that are in season in order to get the best tasting items. Trust me, if you head out to the produce department and start picking things that are unripe or out of season, chances are you’ll give up on your goal might fast because the stuff you are eating is simply not appealing. If your interested check out my show Produce Picker Podcast at Just click on the Produce Picker Podcast link and enjoy the episodes. I hope this will be at least a little help in your mission to eat better.
    Ray a.k.a. The Produce Picker

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