The Moses Experiment: Part 6

It’s interesting how prayer, while so vital to our relationship with God, is often cast aside for unimportant activities such at TV watching, or video games. We (myself included) justify these activities by saying that we need to “unwind” or “decompress.” Yet, shouldn’t a conversation with God be the ultimate form of unwinding? Sharing our concerns, giving thanks for our blessings, seeking council for our lives. Shouldn’t the simple fact that we can unload upon the broadest shoulders of them all be a great form of decompression?

Prayer is one of those incredibly important aspects of a relationship with God and yet we negligently cast it aside as something that only precedes meals and bedtime.

 When Moses, told Joshua to  lead the Israelites against the Amalekites he struggled with prayer. He became weary in his appeal to God and needed the help of Aaron and Hur to literally lift him up. Who in your life not only lifts you up in prayer, but also lifts you up so that you can continually pray? 

My prayer tonight is that we all can find our Aarons and Hurs. People who hold us accountable to talking with God, so that when it comes time decompress we do so by hitting our knees not the buttons on our remotes.


~ by David on Thursday, February 28, 2008.

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