The Moses Experiment: Part 3

I’m still in the process of breaking down Exodus 2:11-22 and after taking some time to think about Moses’ decision to kill the Egyptian, I have to ask myself this questions, “what are the things in my life that I do, because I think no one is watching?”

Moses obviously knew that taking the life of another person was wrong. It says right in verse 12 that he scoped out the scene to make sure no one was watching. Moses’ justification for the action was that he believed God was using him to free his people from Egyptian oppression (acts 7:25). Yet, in the back of his mind he knew that wasn’t true.

 So, if I am completely honest with myself, what false justification am I providing for actions contrary to a life reflective of Christ?

That’s probably a questions we all need to ask ourselves.


~ by David on Saturday, February 9, 2008.

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