That Guy

It doesn’t really seem to matter what day it is, or what time you go. There is always “that guy” at the gym. He’s either wearing the short spandex shorts with the tank-top and headband, or he’s giving out unsolicited workout advice, or in tonight’s case, he’s rowing on the rowing machine in such a way that the chain is rhythmically clanking against the casing. Clanking so loud and consistently that no matter where you go in the gym you hear it.  AAAHHHH! Hahaha! People are so awesome and it is ridiculously fun just to people watch. God has made us all to be unique and special and in some cases slightly oblivious.


~ by David on Tuesday, February 5, 2008.

One Response to “That Guy”

  1. So imagine your guy but with really long, nasty, wavy, almost permed hair, combat boots and wool socks sticking out of them and nasty black hair all over his body! GROSS!! Although, interestingly enough, he didn’t ever really work out…he just walked around. He always seemed to be flaunting his nastiness!

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