Starting My Student Life Coaching Business

Well, I have had some great conversations over the last few days about starting up my life coaching business and I am currently in the process of making some of the crucial decisions ie. what to call the company. So, in the spirit of coming up with the best name possible, I am offering a  $10.00 Starbucks gift-card to whoever comes up with the name I use. So, start suggesting names.

 To give a little guidance, I am looking for a name that is unique,  simple, and expressive. I’m looking for probably a two word name but probably no more because I don’t want it to be long and drawn out.

To give a little more insight into what service(s) this company will preform, this company will be geared towards providing coaching for elementary, jr. high and high school students although, adults are more than welcome to call upon my services. The idea behind life coaching for students comes from the reality we all need a little extra help to grow into the people that God wants us to be. This is especially true for kids/students who are being faced with incredible peer pressure to fit in and accept the status quo.

As a life coach it is my job to partner with parents to encourage, challenge, support, and ultimately hold accountable kids and students to a higher standard. The significance in having a third party involved is that often times kids are more receptive to an idea if it doesn’t come from their parents. That means it is my job, to speak into a student the same things that their parents are trying to say. It is also my job to provide an addition source of motivation and accountability when it comes to setting and achieving goals.

Well I hope that gives you a foundation from which to start the name game.

 I look forward to seeing your suggestions.


~ by David on Monday, February 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Starting My Student Life Coaching Business”

  1. How about Mile by Mile. 🙂

  2. Star Raiser
    Dream Raiser
    Dream Gardener
    Broad Horizon

    The last is my favorite.

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